Press Releases for Law Firms

Many law firms tell us they would like to get news coverage in their local media but simply don’t have the time to produce the articles that will get them noticed.

Now you can have professionally written press releases without taking up your valuable time. We’ll do it all for you, whether it’s producing an article on a new legal development, changes within your firm or an announcement about a successful deal you’ve worked on for one of your clients.

One of our highly experienced journalists will speak to you to find out the main points you want to get across. Or you may prefer to provide us with bullet points. We will then write the press release in a professional format suitable for newspapers and business magazines. You will, of course, be sent a draft of the press release to make sure you are happy with it before you send it to the media.

Ideas for your press releases

Many clients prefer to let us produce the ideas for their press releases.

This system works very well because we are constantly monitoring changes in the law, particularly those that will interest the media. Our press releases feature up to the minute developments, such as proposed legislation, court rulings and new trends. We write them. You send them to the media and you retain total control.

We can write your advertorials

Press releases are an excellent way of gaining publicity but because they appear in the editorial pages you will not be able to overtly promote your services. Advertorials are different. You pay for the space and so you can write whatever you wish. You will therefore be able to say much more about the services you offer and why clients would benefit from seeking your advice.

However, while paying for the space guarantees that you get coverage, it does not guarantee that anyone will read the advertorial. To attract readers you have to apply the same high standards needed when writing press releases. The subject matter needs to be presented in a way that is clear enough to be easily understood and lively enough to hold the reader’s attention.

We have produced numerous successful press releases and advertorials for our clients.

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