You’ve posted about No Fault Divorce…what do you blog about next?

The introduction of No Fault Divorce was a welcome opportunity for family lawyers wanting to engage with clients through content marketing. It was a major development to write about and many solicitors took full advantage by posting articles explaining what the changes would mean.

So far so good…but what do you next? In the world of content marketing, it’s necessary to provide articles at least once or twice a month to reinforce your name and brand in people’s minds.

You’ve posted about No Fault Divorce...what do you blog about next?

There are two main ways to provide follow up articles: the first is to break the subject down into smaller sections and elaborate on them; the second is to adopt a timescale and return to the changes as they begin to be put into practice.

Sub-divide No Fault divorce into more targeted articles

Let’s start with the break down approach. No Fault Divorce, or the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 to give it its full name, was a major piece of legislation and many law firms provided a good overview summarising the main points.

Having produced the overview, the next step could be to look at individual elements of the Act in more detail.

How do people now apply for a divorce and what will be the landmark dates? What will be the impact of being unable to contest a divorce, apart from limited grounds such as jurisdiction? Are there any faults in the new system? Is the notice period appropriate?

Should the period of reflection be shortened or lengthened? Should the government reintroduce legal aid for early advice to support divorcing couples, as the Law Society suggests?

What does the Act leave unchanged? The main two points to write about here may be financial issues and care arrangements for the children. You could then elaborate on how financial issues in the divorce settlement will be decided, what type of financial claims are available such as claims against income, capital, property and pensions.

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Write about how No Fault divorce works out in practice

The second approach is to report on how the system develops over time. For example, was there a sudden upsurge in divorce proceedings during the first few weeks of No Fault divorce being introduced?

Is it making separation less stressful as the government intended? Are couples reaching agreements quicker? Are there any unexpected hiccups? Is it proving less damaging to children? Are you seeing examples of how the new system has removed conflict points?

Each one of these topics could make an article on its own and you can probably identify several others.

But we’re not done yet. You could wait a month or two and then give an update on the overall impact of the changes. You could do the same after a year. Anniversaries are a great opportunity to go back and refresh existing material.

Once you start sub-dividing the subject and describing how it develops over time, you will find you have numerous ways to revisit the same material and create interesting and valuable blog posts.

If you like these ideas and want to blog more often but you don’t have the time, don’t worry. We can do it all for you.

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