Family Law Guides for your clients

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Family Law Guides featuring new subjects every month.

The guides provide your clients with an overview of the law relating to issues such as pre-nups, cohabitation, parental rights, child arrangements orders, the grounds for divorce and dozens more areas.

The articles are typically between 500 and 700 words and are carefully written to be informative yet engaging for clients and potential clients, and to encourage them to contact you if they need legal services. We also provide you with an appropriate image as part of the service.

How are our articles written?

All our articles start with key points and summaries from solicitors, barristers and subscription services such as Lawtel. They are then written up in BBC style English by our experienced journalists and copywriters. Our writers have worked for the BBC, ITN and quality national newspapers, together with several quality marketing agencies.

All articles are checked thoroughly before being sent to you, so you can be sure of their accuracy.


These are a few examples of family law guides we’ve written for clients over the last few months.

Samples of our Family Law Guides

Three ways to avoid court when negotiating a divorce settlement

A guide to the main stages involved when you apply for a divorce

Beginning divorce proceedings – the first key move

Key points to consider before you begin divorce proceedings

Unmarried fathers – do you have parental responsibility for your children?

Getting contact with your grandchildren if the parents block access

How the Hague Convention can help if your ex-partner abducts your child

Key points to consider when negotiating your divorce settlement

Why your child has a legal right to be heard in divorce proceedings

Key points to consider about pre-nup agreements

Calculating risk…when courts take children from parents

Warring couples must put their children first this Christmas

Dealing with debts when you divorce or separate

Key steps for child arrangements if you’re getting divorced

Cohabiting but not married…six risks you could be taking

How mediation can help reduce the stress of divorce

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