Use staff appointments to promote your law firm

Law firm marketing newly appointed partner

Staff appointments provide a great opportunity to promote your law firm to thousands of people in your local media.

In fact, it’ s one of the easiest and cheapest forms of law firm marketing available.

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Construction firms fined £36m for operating cartel

Three construction firms have been fined a total of £36m for breaking competition law by operating an illegal cartel.

Following an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the Northern Ireland-based firm FP McCann Ltd is facing a fine of more than £25m for its part in the scheme.

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Get several law articles from one idea to promote your firm

Try a multifaceted approach to producing law articles

Publishing law articles on your website and social media is a very effective way of marketing your firm.

The problem is that while it’s easy to start a service highlighting legal developments, it can be difficult to maintain. After a few months, the enthusiasm begins to wane and the stories start to dry up. Before you know it, you have a news section that is six months out of date. Then it becomes a little counterproductive – making you look out of touch rather than up to the minute.

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Administrator discriminated against because of pregnancy

Employment Law News Articles for Law firm content marketing

An administrative assistant was discriminated against when she was dismissed after telling her employer she had become pregnant.

Gita Karavadra had worked for BJ Cheese Packaging for eight months.

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Marketing legal services just by ‘being a solicitor’

Free publicity for legal services

Marketing legal services can be difficult and expensive, but with a little effort, it’s possible do it for free – just by doing your job as a solicitor.

Here’s how.

If you follow the business pages of most local and regional newspapers you will find numerous articles in which law firms literally get publicity just for doing their work.

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