Get several law articles from one idea to promote your firm

Try a multifaceted approach to producing law articles

Publishing law articles on your website and social media is a very effective way of marketing your firm.

The problem is that while it’s easy to start a service highlighting legal developments, it can be difficult to maintain. After a few months, the enthusiasm begins to wane and the stories start to dry up. Before you know it, you have a news section that is six months out of date. Then it becomes a little counterproductive – making you look out of touch rather than up to the minute.

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Administrator discriminated against because of pregnancy

Employment Law News Articles for Law firm content marketing

An administrative assistant was discriminated against when she was dismissed after telling her employer she had become pregnant.

Gita Karavadra had worked for BJ Cheese Packaging for eight months.

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Marketing legal services just by ‘being a solicitor’

Free publicity for legal services

Marketing legal services can be difficult and expensive, but with a little effort, it’s possible do it for free – just by doing your job as a solicitor.

Here’s how.

If you follow the business pages of most local and regional newspapers you will find numerous articles in which law firms literally get publicity just for doing their work.

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London letting agents fined £1.2m for breaching new regulations

Letting agents fined - law firm content marketing

Letting agents across London have been fined a total of £1.2m for failing to comply with new regulations to protect tenants.

London Trading Standards (LTS) found that more than 46% of 1,922 agents inspected in the 15 months up to June 2019 were non-compliant with either the Consumer Rights Act and/or the legislation on redress scheme membership.

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Timing is everything with law firm content marketing

Client reading law firm article

As with so many things in life, timing is vital when it comes to producing law articles as a way of marketing your firm. Good timing can improve your chances of getting your article published in the media and it can help maintain a steady flow of material for your website news section and social media outlets.

As lawyers you have certain advantages over many professions when it comes to finding ideas for articles because you work every day with a subject that governs our lives. Your potential readers are already pre-disposed to be interested in your article because the law affects them, their families and their businesses. Not every profession can say that.

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