Newsletter Price List

Newsletter Price-list

Four-Page and Two-PageNewsletters Number of Free Monthly Web articles included Price per quarter
Four-Page Private Client Newsletter 6-8 £375
Four-Page Business Client Newsletter 6-8 £375
Four-Page Combined Private and Business Client Newsletter 10 £435
Two-Page Private Client Newsletter 4 £210
Two-Page Business Client Newsletter 4 £210
VAT to be added to all prices

Single Subject Newsletter Price-list

Single Subject Newsletters Price per quarter
Two-page Employment Newsletter £210
Two-page Commercial Property £210
Two-page Family Newsletter £210
Two-page Debt Recovery Newsletter £250
Two-page Social Housing £350
Two-page Leasehold Newsletter £350
VAT to be added to all prices

Prices for Website Articles Alone

Subject set Number of Articles per month Price per month
Business Client Articles 7-8 £110
Business Client Articles 4 £65
Private Client Articles 7-8 £110
Private Client Articles 4 £65
VAT to be added to all prices