Media Coverage law firm marketing

Media Coverage offers a range of services enabling law firms to connect with clients and win new business.

Law Firm Newsletters

We produce a wide range of bespoke and readymade newsletters that can be printed or sent out as email attachments. More on our law firm newsletters.

Law News Articles

Our law news articles feature the latest legal developments and can be used by law firms to create news sections on their websites, email newsletters and newsfeeds on social media platforms such as Twitter or Linkedin. More on our legal news articles.

Social Media Articles, images and infographics

Social Media sites like Twitter are a great way to communicate with clients and promote your services. But do you have enough to tweet about? We can provide you with articles and intriguing tweets that will get people to click through to your website. More on our social media articles.

Press Releases

Our press releases help law firms get valuable coverage in their local newspapers and business magazines. More on our law firm press releases.

Media Training

Our highly acclaimed media training courses provide lawyers with valuable insights into how newspapers and broadcasters work, and how to deal with interviews and questions from journalists. More on our media training courses.